I m not picking on anyone or being homophobic

Is your judgment so altered? I enjoyed your Hanoi blog too. He was beating his own son like a random stranger in the street. I grew up in a society where homosexuality was treated with unease, heavy silence or mild jokes but in recent years I met several gay or lesbian couples who became good friends of mine.

The Bible, lest we forget, was written buy humans who needed a way to explain phenomena they didn't understand. Someone evoked the name of Mother Teresa of Calcutta as an example of true Christianity. How can you not see the difference?

Топик просто I m not picking on anyone or being homophobic плохие

For eight weeks there is a weekly theme, people vote, there are prizes and so on. I think anyone regardless of religion or job who has a bias against homosexuals is dangerous because that ends up with such minorities being beaten up in the streets, being afraid to 'come out' - we need, in this world, people who accept all of us for what we are, be it black, white, gay, pink or candy-striped.

I'm glad for that. A Avignon une semaine entière de conférences, de débats, d'expositions et d'actions est organisée par le Pôle LGBT Vaucluse pour faire avancer la cause des homosexuels.

I m not picking on anyone or being homophobic
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